our mission
Ecosystem Restoration Alliance Indian Ocean (ERA IO) is the only non-profitable organisation (NGO) in Mauritius that exclusively specialises in bat research, conservation and bat-ecosystem interactions.

ERA IO was born to alleviate/ mitigate the current fruit bat-farmers conflict in Mauritius and find sustainable and non-lethal methods to deter fruit bats from commercial fruit trees.


Our novel conservation projects are mostly carried out in Mauritius. Our organisation works closely with local and international partners. We strongly encourage collaboration among a wide range of other stakeholders including the local community, media and press, private sectors and universities.
We are a charitable conservation organisation established in 2016. Our team is dedicated to ecosystem restoration, conservation and community-based education in the Western Indian Ocean region. Our focus is on the conservation of the ecosystem in the Western Indian Ocean region / Mascarene Islands and our uniqueness is being specialised in bat research in Mauritius. We also develop conservation strategies to protect our threatened native plants species.
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