Fruit Bat Fruit bats In combination of elevated levels of illegal hunting and persecution that these two culls caused, it is estimated that more than 40,000 bats were killed. our approach Forest Restoration Our flora Mauritius has about 700 flowering plants, out of which about 273 are endemic. Yet majority of these plants are threatened with extinction. our approach Invasive Species Invasive SPecies Exotic animals continue to threaten the survival of many native plants and animals. Long-tailed macaques directly competes with the endemic fruit bat for food resources in the forest. our approach

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Mauritius is one among the world’s 36 biodiversity hotspots. The island is home to unique fauna and flora. For example, Mauritius has:

  • 700 species of native flowering plants
  • 28 species of land birds
  • 17 species of reptiles
  • 5 species of native mammals
  • 30 species of butterflies
  • 125 species of land snails
Reptiles Endemism
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